Enrollment Information - Guidelines


Administrative Guidelines

Admission and Class Structure

1.      Byron Center Charter School is a free public school academy open to all age-appropriate children for the grade levels offered. Byron Center Charter School does not discriminate based on race, religion, creed, color, national origin, disability, English proficiency, measures of achievement or aptitude, homeless status, intellectual or athletic ability, or any other basis that would be illegal for an existing school district. 

2.      Admissions shall comply with all federal and state laws.

3.      Admissions shall be limited to those students who are residents of the state, except foreign exchange students.  

4.      Currently enrolled students whose enrollment form is turned in by April 15th will automatically be admitted for the following school year. 

5.      New students will automatically be admitted for the following school year in each grade or class that does not reach full enrollment by the deadline date of April 15th. Siblings, children of current staff, and current board members will be given enrollment priority. Students will be selected for admission by random lottery for each grade or class that exceeds the enrollment cap, if their applications were received by the deadline date of April 15th.

6.      If full enrollment is not reached by April 15th, open enrollment will continue until grades or classes are full, at which time a waiting list will begin in the order applications are received.

7.      If and when a random lottery is used, it will take place in the school office the first business day following April 15th

8.      Byron Center Charter School will begin calling students on the waiting list after the first 2 days of school each fall, if enrolled students have not attended, or have not made arrangements ahead of time with the school regarding absences at the beginning of the school year.

Class Structure

Each grade/class will have a maximum of 22 students. The Board of Directors may authorize the cap to be raised in extenuating circumstances.


Foreign Exchange Students

In the case of foreign exchange student enrollments, which will not exceed 2 per year, they are not counted in the class numbers.

Ref: Board Policy 5111

Admission of Students - Board Policy

BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                                                                                                        STUDENTS 
BYRON CENTER CHARTER SCHOOL                                                                                                                  5111/page 1 of 1 


Reference: MCL 380.502(3)(e)(iii); MCL 380.504

The Board of Directors will allow students who reside in Michigan to enroll in the Academy in accordance with limits established by the Board of Directors. Because space is limited, each student must enroll each year. Preferences will be in writing and given to:
A. pupils who were enrolled in the Academy in the immediately preceding school year;
B. siblings of enrolled students;
When maximum enrollment for a grade has been reached, applicants shall be placed on a waiting list and admitted on the basis of a lottery system. 
The School Leader shall develop Administrative Procedures for the proper implementation of this policy.

Adopted 5/16/17
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